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  • ORIGINS 10.6.–20.8.2022

    When we think of origins, what comes to mind? The brief for the course Product Design in Ceramics asked students to design and produce an artifact reflecting on origins that included a traditional ceramics manufacturing technique (e.g. pinching, coiling, slabbing, throwing, slip casting) as well as a 3D-printed method (delta print extrusion or stereolithography). Students explored the idea of origins from different perspectives ranging from cultural and ethnic origins to personal histories, to the origins of humanity, Earth, and the universe.

  • Valon muotoja – Forms of Light 10.6.–20.8.2022

    Experimental light installations and lamps made out of concrete

    Heavy, big, ugly, rough, vague, grey, hard… These are often the first attributes we relate to concrete. The design students from Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture are challenging these established conventions of concrete as material by trying to combine concrete and light.

  • Vapaa Taidekoulu – Puutarha 10.6.–20.8.2022

    Vapaa Taidekoulu’s group exhibition Puutarha presents garden-related works by school’s second-, third-, and fourth-year students. Vapaa Taidekoulu located in Helsinki offers professional studies in painting.

    The garden is full of surprises. Earthworms crumbling under the leaves. Water lizard after rain. A badger who met me.

  • Glasshouse Helsinki Presents WILD GARDEN 10.6. – 20.8.2022

    This summer Glasshouse Helsinki is proud to present three different exhibitions by fresh talents of Vapaa Taidekoulu and Aalto University at the gallery space on the second floor.

  • DFF Awards Exhibition 5.–28.5.2022

    Design Forum Finland Awards brings together Design Forum Finland’s design prizes.

    In 2022, DFF Awards comprises the Young Designer of the Year prize, the Kaj Franck Design Prize and Fennia Prize 22. The DFF Awards exhibition is open 5–28 May 2022 in Glasshouse Helsinki.

  • Ismo Hölttö: Suomalaisen valokuvan kultaseppä 11.–21.5.2022

    Ismo Hölttö – Goldsmith of Finnish photography exhibition features Hölttö’s celebrated photos from the 1960s. The iconic Helsinki photos together with powerful portraits taken in the Finnish countryside capture the essence of the social transition and evolution of the 1960s. These images embody the spirit of a nation on the threshold of inevitable change that altered the face of many countries throughout the 19th and 20th centuries: post-war melancholia and sorrowful nostalgia at the loss of agrarian lifestyle, tempered with the optimistic hope of a people transitioning to an urban society. 

  • Jouko Lehtola: Rock-Finlandia 27.4.–7.5.

    Jouko Lehtola (1963–2010) was known as a photographer, especially for his series of photographs depicting young people and youth culture, as well as social issues. Lehtola first gained a reputation as a magazine photographer, and today his name is associated with the biggest stars of Finnish rock. “Jönssi” became a credit photographer of the artists, whose art can be admired in hundreds of album covers and artist and band images.

  • do you read me ?! bookstore at Glasshouse Helsinki

    do you read me?! bookstore offers a selected range of inspiring international magazines, journals and books. The selection at Glasshouse Helsinki features titles on sustainability, responsibility and ecological awareness in design, architecture and art..

  • Metsä – Nemus 10.3.–23.4.2022

    A new exhibition, Nemus – Metsä, signals the start of spring at Glasshouse Helsinki. 
Opening on 10 March, it comprises eight weeks of events and an art exhibition curated by gallerist Veikko Halmetoja.  

    The Nemus – Metsä exhibition provokes both questions and discussion. It dives deep into the heart of the forest and natural landscapes. The experience is private for everyone, yet its meaning is universal.

  • World Hope Forum 20.11.2021

    Join us for a special World Hope Forum Market on November 20, curated by Mirkku Kullberg, WHF Ambassador for Finland and CEO of Glasshouse Helsinki.
    An inspiring creative department store that includes artists, artisans and designers sharing stories about their work.

  • ergs, Sar, igs 18.11.2021 – 5.1.2022

    The exhibition ergs, Sar, igs consists of an entity in which observations and reflections take shape in a work of art.
    The exhibition is curated by visual artist Anna Tuori.