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Bridging the disciplines

By Glasshouse Helsinki

We all know that responsibility and sustainability is a complex matter. There is an immense amount of data and information related to climate change, circular economy and behavioural changes in consumptions. Unknown and known merge with each other. What is predictable, how the impacts are measurable. This all is confusing for the consumers on microlevel. There are and there will be open questions, but the development needs to be accessible for everyone.  

The past years advanced corporate companies have implemented responsibility tightly to their strategies and their goals and plans are shared with the audience. The question remains in transparency and complexity of comparable information. Standards need to be set, policies unified, and regulation will frame the actions.  

"Science and knowledge for the humanity and for the future."

Glasshouse Helsinki is keen to understand, dive deeper, learn more together with the audience and let the experts have a voice on Glasshouse media. How can the Sustainability Measurement and Management System (SMMS) be translated to common language and actions on grass root level? Beside understanding the impact of reducing carbon emissions impacts of health and security globally and socially need to be comprehensive for the people. Learning and education are vital and stories of pioneers, innovators, scientists and leaders in sustainable industries are needed. World needs examples and people to follow and trust.

It is commonly thought that economic interests and environmental interests are in conflict. This perception is counterproductive. Achieving a sustainable future will be dependent on our ability to secure both thriving human communities and abundant and healthy natural ecosystems. Glasshouse Helsinki works on finding the ways and being part of the process, searching for solutions and sharing the knowledge.

Glasshouse Helsinki wants to bridge the actors from different disciplines and the new audience. As the time has come, when artists, designers, architects, scientists and businesspeople need to sit around the same table. Learning from science, with analysed data and gathered knowledge, there are decisions to be made.  It is time to stand up and start making meaningful acts.

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