By Glasshouse Helsinki

Glasshouse Helsinki knows that the change is done by the people internally and externally. Working with continued passion, high moral, trust on vision and commitment for avoiding compromises lead to success. Curiosity, diverse ideas and cultural diversity bring joy and energy. “When the map is not clear we sail with moon and starts”.

There is so much talk of sustainability. We all need to learn to walk the talk. We need to keep asking questions!

"There is no perfect."

We cannot separate environmental issues from social justice issues. What materials have been used for the products and where. Locally? Does the team connect full-hearted to the principals for the company?  Are we hiring practices proactively inclusive? What is the carbon footprint of Glasshouse Helsinki shipping? Do we truly understand what’s happening within the supply chain of our partners? Where does the product end, when its lifecycle is over? There are questions Glasshouse Helsinki works with daily and will continue working, as it is continuous work, and it should never end.

Glasshouse Helsinki as an incubator connects new innovative ideas, material development experiments from corporate players and creative talents in fashion, design and art. It dares to test, to connect disciplines.  Glasshouse Helsinki is excited about prototypes, raw forms, mistakes. There is space for pioneering ideas, growth and widening horizons.

Glasshouse Helsinki understands that the responsibility and sustainability is a complex matter. It is a journey for understanding and acting differently with better moral and norms.

When science meets arts, design and architecture, the depth of knowledge and wisdom merges with creativity. Rational and emotional share the same passion and ambition.

Glasshouse Helsinki understands, “There is no perfect”. Imperfection is not a fault if there is an aim to improve the value perception, strive to more sustainable and ethical processes and an impact on slowing the climate change and impact on the resilience of the nature. It is important to be agile and trying to get better every day.’

Glasshouse Helsinki believes that it is important to stay close and connected to the audience and follow where the momentum is to expand, grow or test new ideas, that meet the values Glasshouse Helsinki commits to.

Questions? Contact:

+358 40 563 6636

  • ORIGINS 10.6.–20.8.2022

    When we think of origins, what comes to mind? The brief for the course Product Design in Ceramics asked students to design and produce an artifact reflecting on origins that included a traditional ceramics manufacturing technique (e.g. pinching, coiling, slabbing, throwing, slip casting) as well as a 3D-printed method (delta print extrusion or stereolithography). Students explored the idea of origins from different perspectives ranging from cultural and ethnic origins to personal histories, to the origins of humanity, Earth, and the universe.

  • Valon muotoja – Forms of Light 10.6.–20.8.2022

    Experimental light installations and lamps made out of concrete

    Heavy, big, ugly, rough, vague, grey, hard… These are often the first attributes we relate to concrete. The design students from Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture are challenging these established conventions of concrete as material by trying to combine concrete and light.

  • Vapaa Taidekoulu – Puutarha 10.6.–20.8.2022

    Vapaa Taidekoulu’s group exhibition Puutarha presents garden-related works by school’s second-, third-, and fourth-year students. Vapaa Taidekoulu located in Helsinki offers professional studies in painting.

    The garden is full of surprises. Earthworms crumbling under the leaves. Water lizard after rain. A badger who met me.

  • Glasshouse Helsinki Presents WILD GARDEN 10.6. – 20.8.2022

    This summer Glasshouse Helsinki is proud to present three different exhibitions by fresh talents of Vapaa Taidekoulu and Aalto University at the gallery space on the second floor.