By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Vielö is a young Austrian company founded by two men who had no experience of the beauty industry. Vielö was created out of the desire to celebrate simplicity and a more sustainable approach to skin and body care. Vielö core values are quality, simplicity, transparency and sustainability. All products are based around whey and 100 % designed, developed and manufactured in Austria and certified Austrian organic cosmetics (Austria Bio Garantie). Circular economy is important. Liquid organic whey, a by-product of cheese production, is processed as the main ingredient and used to develop sustainable skin and body care products. Whey is especially good for dry and sensitive skin. Vielö has already received multiple awards.

Vielö products are unisex, cruelty free, vegan and locally produced. Vielö avoids unnecessarily long supply chains harming the environment and conflicting with Vielö values and principles. Transparency is key for the company. Vielö is committed to a responsible use of existing resources without compromising quality and is aware that the contribution to making the cosmetics industry more sustainable is a very small one, but every big movement starts with small initiatives.

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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