Tuohi Jewelry

By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Tuohi Jewelry design philosophy is modern and timeless at the same time. Tuohi Jewelry is inspired by independent souls who choose their own path. The designer behind Tuohi Jewelry is Reetta Tuohi.  A significant factor for Tuohi is that the surface of the jewelry refracts light beautifully and invites touch. All jewelry is made out of 100% recycled silver, acquired from responsible operators mainly in Scandinavia. The jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Finland.

Using silver as a material for jewelry is an ecological choice in itself because the precious metal can be recycled, repaired and reused again and again. The reusability of silver makes it the most sustainable choice possible. Tuohi Jewelry is packed and shipped using environmentally friendly materials. Tuohi selects its partners carefully to ensure that they are operating as responsibly and transparently as possible. Tuohi believes in kindness and being humane towards each other, for kindness always reflects kindness.

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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