By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Tikau is a Finnish pioneer, combining design thinking with the principles of sustainability. Founded in 2008 Tikau designs with the vision of employing and empowering artisans, mostly in India and Finland. The company collaborates directly with its artisans, combining contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. Tikau works in close collaboration with the charity-based NGO Tikau Share. The word Tikau comes from Hindi and stands for durable, long lasting and sustainable.

Tikau’s product range is a socially and environmentally conscious collection of exclusive hand made items. Tikau’s vision of luxury is a clean home and a clean world, organic materials, zero plastic and pure, chemical-free products. The products also have identifiable origins with a long-term, personal and humane approach. All products are manufactured by individual artisans and small-scale producers in their homes or in small communities.

Discover the homeware and clothing items by Tikau:


Responsible Future & Sustainability

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