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By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Skall Studio is a Danish sustainablefashion brand, established in 2014 by two sisters Julie and Marie Skall. The core values of the brand include a vegan lifestyle, minimal use of animal products in the collections and a general sustainable and conscious approach to design and development. The company has created a design universe of effortless, elegant and feminine styles, where quality is never compromised. Skall Studio focuses on the simplicity and transparency of the supply chain. 

The socially responsible company establishes close and long-lasting partnerships with suppliers and only works with people that share the same values for a more sustainable world. The company encourages and supports suppliers to offer working conditions that are even higher standards than those requested by the national laws in force. Skall Studio uses only sustainable packing such as bio-degradable plastic bags and re-cycled cartons. It aims to avoid airfreight and gives priority to sea freight in planning, together with road transportation, to limit the carbon footprint as much as possible. 

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