By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Saye’s goal is to serve cool sneakers and clothing that are wearable for years. The company strives to become a zero-waste brand by using bio-based and recycled materials, ensure fair work conditions by producing only in certified factories, tackle deforestation, and empower local communities by planting 2 trees for each pair sold. 

Saye has partnered with suppliers that respect their workers, improve their living conditions, and provide them with a good working environment. The company’s supplier, You Shoes, has been maintaining high standards of ethics, fair wages, shifts and gender equality for many years. The supplier’s working schedule follows EU standards. The company uses local materials to reduce the carbon footprint. Another example of the efforts in reducing the carbon footprint is the choice to use ecological yarns and natural dyes in the manufacturing of clothing. 

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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