By Glasshouse Helsinki 

The story of Sastais also a story about ingenuity and perseverence. What we call innovation today, was simply the need of a young man in Nurmes, Finland to have the best outfit for the harsh conditions of the last true wilderness of Northern Europe. The first ever outfit made by Sasta was made of Sarka wool. When Urpo showed up for the first time in his new outfit, a suit that provided unique functionality, it understandably immediately caught the attention of Urpos fellow outdoorsmen, who subsequently wanted a similar suit for themselves – “the market research was conducted right then and there”, says Urpo now decades later. This was also the start of Sasta’s story.

Sasta is guided by the old Finnish philosophy of respecting nature, in every sense. It directs sustainable thinking in design and production, while also underlining the old Finnish wisdom of Finnish outdoorsmen – equipping properly when heading out into the wilderness. 

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