By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Osmia is a Finnish design and handicraft company, located in the middle of Helsinki. It was founded in 1997 by Eero Vänttinen. The company is specialized in nature related scents and manufactures all products from the very beginning to ensure the high quality of raw materials and end product. Osmia produces close to 150 individual products, containing over 40 different fragrances created by Osmia, thus not to be found in any other product in the world. The products are related to the Finnish sauna culture and scents and fragrances that are the true essence of Finnish nature.

Responsibility for Osmia means that the entire production chain is in the company’s own hands and thus choose the raw materials carefully.  The raw materials are safe and environmentally friendly. The production takes place in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. This allows to produce just the right quantities of  items, loss is non-existent. Products that do not meet Osmia’s requirements and are fully usable will be delivered to charity.

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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