Nomen Nescio

By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Nomen Nescio, founded in 2012, is a Helsinki based design studio focused on minimalistic aesthetics and values. Nomen nescio abbreviated to N.N., is used to signify an anonymous or unnamed person. The collection is an evolving composition of seasonless gender neutral clothing. Pieces have no external, internal or applied elements that would point out specific sex, age or status.

Nomen Nescio has chosen permanent style, not fast-changing trends. The company wants to make clothes that will be in heavy use for many years to come, corner stones of the wardrobe. The company has made maintenance and repair as part of the service. Clients can bring broken Nomen Nescio garments to be fixed with a decent compensation. It is obvious that sustainability also means choosing the ecological fabrics and local responsible production. Nomen Nescio collections are gender neutral, designed for all humans, with respect towards different bodies and ideals. Nomen Nescio garments are manufactured ethically in our neighbouring country Estonia.

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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