By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Nakuna Helsinki is a playful celebration of creativity and stories of escapism, the art of perfume with a Nordic mindset. People travel and explore the world to hear the noise and see the chaos. People explore the scents, tastes and colours of the South and bring them back home to help endure the bleak winter months. People dream, imagine and create. Nakuna Helsinki loves Helsinki, but simultaneously dreams of being somewhere else. 

Nakuna Helsinki respects nature and the company’s goal is to make great products in harmony with the environment. Nakuna Helsinki uses both synthetics and botanicals. Many natural ingredients are endangered and collecting some natural ingredient would be harmful to animals. In these cases, the company has made a choice to use lab-created synthetic ingredients. The lab-created ingredients give the same effect and are safe to use but using them lets preserve the beautiful and fragile nature as it is.

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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