Mari Paikkari

By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Mari Paikkari is a sculptor and artist. She is specialized in multi-sensorial spatial sculptures and unique ceramic plates. Paikkari’s plates are found in fine dining restaurants and homes, where aesthetics are appreciated as a part of everyday life. Mari Paikkari’s unique objects are a union of beauty, practicality and uniqueness. The details of the delicate, sculptural objects stem from controlled errors, chance and a profound understanding of the material. Paikkari aims to bring a touch of beauty into everyone’s daily life.

The products are made in Finland according to the zero waste principle from high-quality, durable materials. Mari Paikkari aims to make high-grade, beautiful objects that withstand daily use and are meaningful to their users. Mari believes that by combining these properties, the objects can be used for a long time.

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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