Bookman Urban Visibility

By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Bookman Urban Visibility, founded by David Axelsson and Viktor Kabo, is based in Stockholm, Sweden. With heavy focus on the details, quality and safety, the design has one goal: to make everyone visible in traffic and prevent accidents. It draws on the heritage of Swedish safety-conscious brands but also finds inspiration in the traditions of minimalistic, functional Scandinavian design and innovative technology. Coming from the land of polar nights with 24 hours of darkness, light is life.

Bookman’s all electronic products are rechargeable. All material is recyclable including the lithium-ion batteries. The company promotes cycling, running and walking by improving the road safety with visibility products. All electronic products have different modes for the user to choose according to their need of brightness to promote electricity efficiency. The expanded mission is to make sure everyone can be visible and safe without sacrificing their style.

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