By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Avolt is a Swedish based design studio that develops, designs and markets objects that extend electricity to devices, deploying Scandinavian design for homes, offices, retail environments and public spaces. The company was founded in 2018 by Johan Runströmer. Avolts design philosophy is minimalistic at its core and derives from the foundational, basic shapes that we know stand the test of time. The inspiration for Square 1 comes from the Italian artist Bruno Munari’s trilogy ”Square Circle Triangle”. Every Avolt product is an homage to the simple shapes that the human race has relied on for centuries. 

Square is made with 20% recycled plastics and environmentally friendly packaging from 100% recycled paper. The world of electronics is still very much dependent on plastics to meet up with safety and reigning standards. While having to accept that reality, Avolt refuses to accept a stagnant approach. With every new product, the boundaries are pushed of what can be done, always striving for a better change. 

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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