Anne Black

By Glasshouse Helsinki 

Anne Black is a Copenhagen based ceramicist. In 2005 Anne transformed her pottery skills and workshop into a development project, when she created a ceramic factory, in the north of Vietnam, together with Mrs. Hang (Vietnamese). The production is located in the Bat Trang area, known for its ceramic production. The Hang family has been making ceramics in 7 generations. The factory has over the years matured into a socially and environmentally sustainable factory with more than 50 artisans, who produce Anne´s porcelain, with meticulous skill by hand. All products are 100% hand made.

Anne Black uses traditional manufacture techniques such as hand-throwing in order to deliver products characterized by genuine craftsmanship. The company balances the carbon footprint from the products by investing in renewable energy projects and rainforest restoration. Anne Black’s production matches international labor standards and focuses particularly on creating increased opportunity for Vietnamese women.

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Responsible Future & Sustainability

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