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Aster Knit by Aiayu is a voluminous polo-style knit with a feminine twist. The delicateness of the knits lovely pattern is offset by the ribbed collar and its boxy, tomboy fit. The airy pattern catches the eye yet is subtle enough to remain neutral, enabling to pair it with all favourite bottoms. The fit is complemented by slouchy, dropped shoulders. Made from the softest and strongest llama wool to ensure wearability for years to come. The cashllama wool is sourced in Peru, spun and knitted in a SA8000-certified mill in China. 


ASTER has a boxy and somewhat voluminous fit, but with a narrow collar. We recommend you choose your normal size or size down. 


100% Cashllama wool


Llama wool is a self cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. Simply air the blouse for a fresh start. If washing is needed, Aiayu recommends hand wash, 30 degrees, using high quality wool soap. However, the blouse can be washed in a very gentle wool washing cycle as well. 

The brand

Aiayu is a leading sustainable fashion, and interior brand deeply rooted in a love for natural fibers and care for people, planet and cultures.Designed in Denmark and produced at origin in Bolivia, India, and Nepal Aiayu’s products focus on high qualityinvestment pieces with a timeless Scandinavian sensibility. 

Using pure natural fibers, Aiayu is produced in factories with the highest organic and ethical standards imaginable. Each piece is as beautiful as it is responsible, thanks to the integrity of the local artisanal craftsmanship. 

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Aiayu wants to demonstrate that a 100% responsible business practice is the only way to do business.All pieces are made in Bolivia, India and Nepal and are intimately connected totheirorigin and people. The company has developed a set of principles which guide how Aiayu reduces its ecological impact and improves the lives of each person involved in making the products. Thcompany designs items that are made to last, sourcing natures best materials sustainably, responsible and craft-focused production, and less waste.   

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